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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol

The Uglies

I see. You hear much talk of uglies, but you have not seen one? I think you have. This is our term for humans. The foul and weak natural enemies of Grendel's Children.

They live to kill use, we live to kill them. For a time, Uthgol was at peace, with only monsters fighting each other. Then came the uglies. They forced us to join ranks against them. And when we do triumph over them, Grendel rewards us with his favor.

Be warned, though. As you become more powerful, so do the uglies.

Types of Humans:

Clerics and Priests - these uglies are the devoted followers of human gods. They have the power to heal themselves and their allies. The need to be a priority target.

Fighters, Buccaneers and Barbarians - the general ugly. They use typical weapons, and have no special abilities.

Rogues and Vandals - they generally use daggers and bludgeoning weapons, but will also move away and throw stones at you from a distance. They do no hurt that much, but they chip away at your health over time.

Monk - they are hard to hit and deal a great amount of damage. If you wish to last in battle, take them out early.

Occultists - Much like myself, they inflict poison and crud with each successful hit. It takes a while to get rid of, but they are easy to take down.

Mages, Wizards and Magic Users - these uglies use magic to blast fire, conjure icy storms and slow you with cold touches. Like rogues, they tend to run away and hit you with magic.

Druids - forest dwellers and the like. They can protect themselves with a carapace that absorbs damage until it cracks, revealing their soft, fleshy bodies.
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