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"Most of these monsters have fallen to slumber. Grendel forgive them."

Usuichii the Vampire - the notorious leader of Usuichii's Laboratory. He is a recluse, coming out of his lair only to claim fanes, or to the shrine of Grendel to obtain new assistants. Those of the Dragoons mock The Great Scientist and his assistants, only as a way to cope with their fear.

Kikaro the Troll - the second monster known to be the size of a Giant. He controls an army of goblin which you can see from across Uthgol. He may be strong, but his intelligence is quite lacking.

Dirk the Orc - An unprovoked attacker. Nobody likes him.

Hecate the Vampire - A curious witch-like Vampire. She is knowledgeable of many things, but in what remains if her heart lies a dark intent, offering a foul taste to those not undead. If you see her, be sure to have a look at her Third Eye before you die of her poisonous breath. Her status in the Laboratory is classified.

Grelch the Ghoul - The ghoul whose hunger can never be sated. To his friends, he is a light-mannered ally, but to his foes, he is a hungry beast. He will swallow a monster whole when defeated by his army of grunts.

Feldin the Sphinx - a powerful builder, formerly of the Dragoons. He will no longer side with them nor undead, especially the laboratory, particularly Usuichii.

Jinn the Rogue Dragon - I would rather not talk about it....

Jerhume the Gryphon - the muscular gryphon of the Laboratory. His tail attack is devastating to both monster and man. With a roar and a rake, he shakes his enemies spirit, causing them to flee in fear! But on the outside is a lovable, loyal companion of the Lab.

Itus the Hallowed Mummy - No longer the leader of the Dragoon Army, nor does he walk Uthgol any longer.
Why would such a powerful leader go into so long of a slumber.

Zetsu the Vampire - a heartless eater of turtles.

Rythgen and Dvea - a.k.a. Rythvea. A bonded pair of Minotaurs. They travel, hunt and eat together. Get on their bad side, and you could be dead in seconds. Although I believe both of them have soft spot in their hearts that is only revealed in company of war mates and friends. I would love to investigate this pair.

Ahl'hamet the Mummy - recently a member of my allied clan, now back to being a Dragoon. I guess I have to go back to hating him.

Vorico the Wight - formerly the Banshee. Vorico is the greatest killer of fellow monsters known to Uthgol. He is also notorious for his wins at the Arena. How and why he reverted to ghost, nobody knows. He must be avoided.

Ophsidian the Wyvern - Is now allied to my master, Usuichii. It seeks knowledge, but in a more arcane manner. Ophsidian welcomes both Chimera and Undead into its clan.

Korchan the Ettin - another humanoid. It recently awoke and seems to be allied with the Giant. So far, just as pompous as the rest, but does not seem to have a kill-on-sight attitude.

Smarmy the Giant - you know the foul odor of humanoid feet? Imagine that, but, the feet are as big as you.

Catobelpas the Rakshasa - An arrogant, sneaky trickster. Before you know it you will have taken the form of another monster. It likes to play games, so play harder.

Korky the Ogre - I believe it is a machine, constructed by Uglies, with the directive of annoying monster kind so much as to make them sleep forever.

Visper the Lich - Visper loves to grief Korky. I highly respect his wit.

Suel the Vampire - a newly awoken vampire. Ophsidian is mentoring the fledgling undead.

Kallista the Vampire - A new student of myself and the laboratory. I see great promise in this monster.

Kross the Gryphon - another Gryphon which I cannot ride.

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