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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol

Monster Races

Anuu fumbles through a pile of scrolls, muttering about, until she pulls out a wrinkled piece of parchment.

She reads off to you in a calm tone:

Uthgol has three distinct varieties of monsters, called Castes. Each Caste has its Social Monsters, those who gather in grumbles or clans, and the Wandering Monsters, known to live in solitude.

Wandering monsters change as their power increases. There are 7 Tiers in the cycle of a wandering monster. Each tier gets more powerful as they increase. Keep in mind, there are two 7th tier monsters per caste. Uthgol has just 1 of each 7th tier monster.

The Humanoids - those of a more monstrous human frame.

  • Orcs - Fierce warriors. I've only met one. And I hate it.
  • Trolls - Also great warriors and leaders. The one I have met is quite fun.
  • Minotaurs - Very powerful. They are to be feared. They get angry when confused.
  • Ogres - Arrogant and stupid, but very strong!

The Undead - those who once lived - They are weakened by sunlight.

  • Vampires - They most closely resemble the uglies. But they are one of us.
  • Ghouls - The hungry remnants of life. They can be very powerful, for so little intelligence. If they stopped feeding maybe they could get something done.
  • Liches - We Lich know the balance between life and death. We embrace our deathly appearance.
  • Mummies - Entitled undead. I've never met one I liked.

The Chimera - winged beasts - They can hold only one item.

  • Gryphons - Wonderful leaders. Very beautiful creatures. Why won't they let me ride them?
  • Wyvern - Majestic lizards. Very glittery.
  • Sphinx - Hm. Cute.
  • Phoenix - The legend is true - They rise after they fall. But they fall so easily.

[For More information on races, look at the GR help files -]

Monster Roles

Anuu says to you is a soft, mentoring voice,

"Grendel bestows each of us with many abilities. Some are meant to cause pain, others to heal.

Some to create, and some to destroy."

Warriors are the weapon-wielders. They can cause serious damage with weapons.

Shaman are the healers and potion mixers of Uthgol. We shamen are highly valuable in pack-hunting sessions, are some monsters are willing to part with high quality items in exchange for our potions.

Magi, or Mages are the manipulators of energy. They use Uthgol's energies to create elemental disturbances.

Builders do exactly that. They are required when forming a new clan. Builders can also create traps to prevent their lair from being invaded by uglies or another clan.

Leaders are Grendel's commanders. They can also command many grunts, and can easily lead a Clan.

Some Monsters are created with two of these as their role. Certain castes have restrictions on their roles.

  • Humanoids cannot be Mages.
  • Undead have no class restrictions, but instead have an attribute penalty during day time and in sunlight.
  • Chimera cannot be Warriors.

For More skills, visit the GR help files.

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