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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol

Geography of Uthgol

Shaman's Fane, and Mountains to the North.

Anuu says "Uthgol is a land filled with many environments, such as Plains, Forests, Hills, Mountains, Jungle, Swamp and Rivers."

In the center of Uthgol stands the Shrine of Grendel. One can gain a sense of it's location by gazing about.

The Plains are flat lands of flowers and grass. There is a section of plains in the southwest of Uthgol that is claimed as the property of the Undead. These are the Plains of Letum,  guarded by many undead, and when they do so, Humanoids and Chimera are given little warning to get out. The Fane of Shamans is located in a patch of grassland, nestled in some mountains, to the Northeast.

To the west of the Shrine is a massive Forest, running from the northern Mountains to the southern Swamps, ending at Letum. The Forest is home to many plants used in Mixing potions. The Fane of Warriors is located in the Forest, by the river to the west.

Hills run all along Uthgol, from Northwest to East, then Southwest to meet with Letum and the Swamps. Hill giants, Winter Lions and Harpies are known to inhabit the hills, so be careful. The Fane of Leaders is located in some hills between some mountains to the Southeast. The Fane of Builders can be found in some hills, north of the shrine and over a river.

The Swamps are located to the South/Southwest of Uthgol. The swamps are home to many dangerous creatures, such as Flying Snakes, which breathe fire, and Digger Snouts, whose claws are terrifying. The

Fane of Grunts is located in the southern swamps.

The Mountains are a harsh environment. It can be hard to move through them. Thankfully, some pathways are carved into mountains. Located to the east, in a mountain trail, is the Fane of Mages.

Uthgol has many unique features and building. Find them by exploring the land.

This map will show you the location of the Fanes and Thrones of Uthgol.

Fauna of Uthgol

"Uthgol has many interesting native creatures, most of which go unheard of because of their lack of involvement in monsterly activities. They only tend to bother you whilst in their territory, so be careful where you tread!"

Rock Beetles - Rock beetles live in the hills and mountains. Their exoskeleton is composed of rock-like formations piling one foot high. Despite the name, they are not true beetles. Rock Beetles possess a scorpion-like tail which they use to stun their prey.

Wild Harpies - In the mountains and hills to the south, Wild Harpies can be found traveling in packs. When a monster enters the pack's area of control, they will be attacked. Harpies attack by swooping down while flying to claw their prey. There is usually one Harpy of higher social standing which leads the pack while they scout and attack.

Legion Snakes - these strange reptiles live in the southern swamps of Uthgol. Their heads are triangular, with a venom gland on either side. This venom is especially effective at damaging armors. However, unlike snakes, the legion snake possesses several sets of double-jointed legs, allowing to travel quite quickly.

Flora of Uthgol

Anuu says "Uthgol is covered with plant life, most of which can be used in the Shaman skill of mixing. Here is a list of the plants I have identified so far. The listed gold cost of a potion is the base price of the potion without the material catalyst. The material catalyst will trim the cost to 1/10th of the listed cost.
The spiritual catalyst makes the potion easier to mix, and the enhancer increases it's potency."

Rotgut Restorative

Aloe - a plant with thick, spiky leaves.

Green Frog Seedpod - an orange seedpod that grows on green frog grass.
Green Sage Vine - unremarkable gray vine.

Alshank's All-purpose Antidote

Creeping Fig - small leathery leaves that grow on a vine.

Dog's Bane - a bell-shaped flower with a bark-like stem.

+Green Frog Seedpod

Purliss Poultice

Purliss Balm - research has been requested and is currently is process.

Soapwart - small green shrub with white flowers.

+Green Frog Seedpod

Megalomania Milk

King's Penny - a blue-white flower.

Stinkhorn - an ivory colored protrusion-lattice fungus.

Monkey Berry - yellow waxy berries on a brown bush.

"Those are the only recipes I am willing to share. The rest are my secrets, so do not ask!"