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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol


Fanes are areas of spiritual energy, where ghosts from past monsters gather to give energy to the monsters who claim the fanes. Fanes will give monsters a boost in their abilities. You can sense when a fane will change by closing your eyes and sensing. There are 6 fanes in Uthgol:

Leader's Fane, Builder's Fane, Warrior's Fane, Mage's Fane, Shaman's Fane, and Grunt's Fane.

Each Fane gives bonuses related to the attributes of that role.

Many monsters may fight to claim a fane. When the time comes for the fane to change, the clan with the most minions or members will claim the fane, and gain the related bonuses. Each fane will change several times a day.

The Thrones

Thrones are similar to fanes, but instead of being related to the Powers, they are related to the Castes. Each of the three Castes has a throne. Only one monster benefits from the throne however.

It is considered bad form to bring an outside caste monster to throne battle. Certain monsters are not above this, however.

The Undead Throne is the inside of a giant skull Located in the jungle area south of the Fane of Leaders.
The Jungle Area, called Larou, is the ancestral territory of the Chimera.

The Humanoid Throne is an Iron Keep in one of the farthest NorthWest reaches in Uthgol.

The Chimera Throne is on a lonesome mountain southeast of Builder's fane, just before the trails to Mage's Fane.

Refer to this Map to see the locations of the Fanes and Thrones.

The Rune of Struggle

Ah, you have heard of the bloody rune? It is a very powerful, sought after relic that appears every so often.

It passively gifts you with a certain form of Grendel's Favor, called Karma. When you bear the rune, everyone in Uthgol can sense your location, and they will come after you for it.

When it appears, it does so at one the Fanes. One monster is notorious for knowing when it will appear - Dirk the Orc.

Also, beware of the uglies that come for the rune. They are very powerful, and have no mercy for those who carry the rune.