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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol

Commands to Know

[ ] or ( ) or { } - when you speak out of character, you are expected to put your statements in brackets or parenthesis to note that is OOC, or "Out -of-Character".

For Example

say [I'm new to the game] yields

"Anuu the Lich says [I'm new to the game]"

If you said "I am new to the game" without brackets, it will be taken as an In-character statement!

Grumble (message) - use this command to speak to those in your grumble or clan.

@toggle-agrumble - enable or disable grumbles from allied clans.

Grumble softly - This will allow you to grumble just to your clan, no allied clan will see it.

Call (message) - use this command to speak through the void to all of Uthgol.

@gchat - speak in the Out-of-Character chat.

@host-gchat <Title> - Host the out-of-character chat room.

@toggle-gchat - enable or disable out-of-character chat.


Act or - this command is used to perform emotes. These are actions you cannot perform with one command. For example:

"act plops a glass eye into her eye socket" yields

"Anuu the Lich plops a glass eye into her eye socket."


If you want to emote something like "Anuu's eye twitches", you must put in the command act space 's.

For Example:

"act 's pet turtle seems uncomfortable" yields

"Anuu the Lich's turtle seems uncomfortable"

: and %n - This command is used to freemote, an RP tool you can use without starting with your name. Instead, use %n to insert your name. For example:

: The howling wind scares %n. would yield

The howling wind scares Anuu the Lich.

Abilities / Character Status

Sheet/ Stats - this command pops up a new window, showing your Abilities, Attributes, and much more.

SS - similar to Sheet, but shows the info in the in-game client.

Favor - use this command to spend your favor. Increase skills, attributes, purchase Karma, or invest in lair structures. Karma can only be bought at the Shrine of Grendel.

Karma - the currency for purchasing new skills. 1 favor = 10 Karma. You need a certain amount of Karma to buy a new skill, and can only do so while dead. Karma can only be bought at the Shrine of Grendel. After you die, you can type "Karma" to see how much karma you need to get a new skill.

Unlearn <Skill name> - Unlearn a skill, either all or some ranks.

<Ability Command> <Target> - most skills are used on other players or NPC's. Click the Ability Icon on the right side of the client to see that skill's command.


claw ranger

[Success: 281, Roll: 300] You slash at a learned ranger with your strong claws. 111 points of damage!


Soulrelease + Reincarnate - in order to resurrect after dying, you must soulrelease then reincarnate. You may only reincarnate after being dead for one minute.

Look or L - this allows you to look at the game world, see available exits and see who is the area with you.

You can also Look North or L n to look in a direction.

Scan allows you to search for enemies (or allies) in a certain direction, for example:

Scan S yields:

There are no targets visible to the South.

Transcribe - This command allows you to see the teleporter's list of destinations.
Tele <destination> me - This will transport you to the location requested, within the ability of the teleporter.

Eyeclose + Sense - this command allows you to check if a fane or throne is changing, see which arena battles are starting or occurring, and to sense if the Rune of Struggle is spawned.

Who - use this command to see which of Grendel's minions are online.

Who clan - see which of your clan mates are online.

Up Arrow - pressing the up arrow will show your previous command entries, and you can hit enter to select whichever one you want. This really makes fighting and using skills easier.

. (period) - Hitting period follow by enter will perform the last command you entered.


Heal me 

[Success: 50, Roll: 662] You point at yourself and a blue light surrounds you. You feel healthier.


[Success: 50, Roll: 98] You point at yourself and a blue light surrounds you. You feel healthier.


About the Game

Grendel's Revenge is a free to play Fantasy Multiple User Dungeon (MUD) in which you play a Monster and kill Humans (Uglies). The game is role-play encouraged. If you wish to speak out of character (OOC), please put your sentences in brackets [ ] or parentheses ( ).

Each character gets a description chosen from a list of descriptors for each body part.

Each Character is unique, has goals and even certain speaking styles.

There are multiple monster races and playable classes.

You can level up by killing uglies for Favors and investing them in Skills or Attributes.

Investing in Karma will allow you to buy new skills or tier up (Wandering Monsters only).


  • Strength - Determines your overall health as well as physical damage output.
  • Agility - Determines your defense against enemies, as well as accuracy in hitting them.
  • Energy -  Your connection to the spirits of the world. Also determines how quickly you heal.
  • Authority - Affects your influence over other monsters and grunts. Also determines favor gain rate.

Make a free account!

To play for free, create an account, sign in, return to, click Play Now.

For Help Files: > Grendel's Revenge > Help Files or click Here, then click the GR image.

GR Forums: then it the Fourms button on the left column.

In-game Help:
If you need help in-game, contact the storyguides with the command sgp (message).

The Client

Health Bar - this bar shows your current and total Hit Points. When the bar empty, your character dies.

Favor Bar - this bar shows your current Favor Points. When the bar reaches the top, you get 1 Favor, represented by an eyeball.

Timer Bar - this bar shows the time until your next action. When the bar is full, you may take an action.

Skills - This area shows your skills. When you use one, it will fill with a red color that acts a timer until you can use that skill again. When the symbol is drained of the red color, you may use it again.

Resources - Each race requires resources. Each caste is aligned with a resource - Shadow for Undead, Mana for Chimera and Iron for Humanoids. Each race uses gold (a currency) and Stone (for building).

Map - the map shows your location and the 8 areas around yours. The green arrows show the directions you may travel in. A red arrow indicates that you cannot move to that area.

Command Area and Game Text - this is where the game happens. You enter your commands below the text below the game text. Here, you can enter the action you wish to perform. A list of commands can be seen by entering @commands.