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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol

The Mighty Grumbles

"Many clans have been formed in Uthgol recently. Before a group can be called a clan, it is known as a grumble. To become a clan, the grumble needs a lair, built by a builder. "

Usuichii's Laboratory is a mixed clan of mostly Chimera and Undead. I am a member of this great clan. I follow the instruction of The Great Scientist Usuichii the Vampire. My mentor is Hecate the Vampire. Her rank is classified now extinct.

The Sanctum of the Feathered Serpent, formerly the Pride of Larou, is now extinct.

The once great Dragoon Army is extinct.

Making a Clan:

To create a clan, one must first create a grumble by inviting another monster to be your minion. Unless you are a Diplomat leader, you can only invite monsters of your caste.

Next, you need a builder and a certain number of followers. The builder must create the lair entrance, at which times you may give a name to your clan. 

After that, any builders may build whatever they can in your lair. Remember to find mines to gather resources, or your structures will fall apart.

Wanderers and Dens

Unlike social monsters, Wandering monsters cannot make or live in large clan lairs. Instead, they live in Dens.

A den must be made by a builder and offered to the wandering monster. The builder will usually expect something in return.


Wanderers may still link to form a grumble, but not a communal lair.

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