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Anuu's Guide to Uthgol


Anuu by Hecate the Vampire's Player

A Glimpse of Hope

It has been a long time coming, but some fellow monsters woke alongside me. Hidaka the Celestial Phoenix has woken from slumber to form a clan. Ophsidian the Wyvern has joined her. I may consider joining her as well. Usuichii has not spoken much of late.

An Eerie Silence Over All Of Creation

This darkness is too much. Only we few remain. Dark, darker, and darker still. The lab - empty. The Arena - empty. The thrones stay silent, the fanes, lonely ghosts waiting for a champion.

But I am determined.

The Church and the Graveyard

I recently took a trip to a location I found on a map. I have never been here before. There is an old, broken-down church to the south, and a graveyard to the north. Some monster has been making this graveyard it's home. It smells awful! I can only imagine this was once a human settlement, until the humans found the plains of Isolde. I wish to explore Isolde, one day. I hear many lost souls calling for home here in this graveyard.

Mage Fane and the Strange Flora

I recently noted to myself the strange plant life which grows near and around the Fane of Mages. One, to note, is called the letter vine, a spiral plant with perfectly spherical flowers. The flowers, oddly, are not evenly spaced. Another oddity, and one I would love to investigate, is the Brain Mold. It is just as it sounds, a vaguely oval shaped fungi, separated into halves, covered in wavy folds and ridges. I can see how the shape of this plant is representative of it's properties. I am sure I could form a potion from it's essential oils. Further investigation is required!

Foreign Humans

It has come to our attention that Uglies exist on other lands, and have invaded Uthgol to conquer Isolde, the Human City. I read in one their journals that they come from a very powerful Human City. This great city has conquered many other lands before, but have never seen monsters until now. They wear strange blue armors like we have never seen. I will continue to report as this strange event develops.

Festival of Bones

The festival of bones was a resounding success. Many monsters appeared on the day of the event. The boom-ball game was absolutely hysterical! As I performed the ritual which closed the Festival, the sigil spoke to the undead present, wishing them success and power. I look forward to next year's Festival!
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